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Hello everybody!
If you design so many websites as I do over the last years, your own websites always comes last. I started this project already two years ago and even in bloody Corona times, the project always got out of my view…  But finally, the site´s ready!!!

I made the decision to keep it just in English. Don’t ask me why I did it… it came out of my belly, without thinking too much… but I guess the small Blues scene is so international anyway, that this outfit suits me for now! And I’ve not been consequent for 100%. 🙂

During the lockdown  I had the chance to design several websites and graphic designs which you find on my website

Besides I started an album production for my old Irish buddy Tony McLoughlin.  When the production got postponed for several reasons, I started workin´ on my first own album since 2016. That’s a such a fuckin´ long time, that I can hardly believe it, after slamming´ out one album after the other for so many years…. At the moment I have seven songs finished and I’m workin´ on some more. I guess I’m going to release it this year!

But as you know, I’ve been busy with music all the time, I co-wrote and produced an album with Don Ender as well as two albums with the French chanteuse Veronique Gayot. Her album animal will be released on the 18th of June on my label

So…. enough…. for now! Gotta finish the album and get back on the road!

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