you can book my expertise for your success

My motto is: “Its all about teamwork and four ears hear more than two.”

After starting off as a guitar player in the late seventies I developed all needed skills from the first magic creative spark of songwriting until the distribution of the final product! I went a long and winding road  to master and share my expertise. So now I can support you at all stages of the creative process to avoid the stepping stones, and I can give you advice in business related questions as well.

As a properly German Gema member (that´s the highest category) I´m a proficient writer and cowriter for music and lyrics alike. With my experiences I get an instant feel for your ideas and analyze your material to help you to highlight the good and get rid of the bad. With my expertise we can turn a good tune into a great song together. Over the years I´ve been working in all kind of fields from Country to Hip Hop, but I made myself a name especially for Blues, Americana and Classic Rock.

After arranging about a 1000 songs in my life I´ve become a top notch arranger who knows how to make your songs shine bright and sound thrilling to keep the listeners interest from the start to the end.

For recording I rely on my trusty Fender, Marshall and Vox amps. I record them through a bunch of preamps like a pair of Telefunken V276 or an Amek 9098. For vocals, bass and acoustic instruments I love using a Manley Slam with high end limiters. I own microphones from Microtech-Gefell, Neumann, Sennheiser and Shure to cover all needs for recording all kind of sources.

I also collaborate with other studios like the „Klangscheune Insheim” and Andreas Schorpps Studio in Karlsruhe to cover special requests.

For Mixing and mastering I mainly work in the box and I love it. I have been a Logic Audio user for 20 years now. I use all kinds of plugins that will do the job and fulfill the vision coming along with the songs. I´m also quite a specialist for cleaning vocal tracks and doing Audio repair.

Mixing to me means to have an artistically vision, what you want your listeners to recognize. I hear colors and taste pictures and will rise your songs to another level that keep up to international standards.  Also mastering ist not just a stereo spread and making it loud, it will be the icing on the cake to highlight your artistical vision.

All these aspects are a part of the whole production process, where we develop your artistry and visions. You can book me for the whole process or just parts of it, like recording guitar or bass tracks for your production.

After your masterpiece is done, I can offer you additional services like making ddp files for the press shop, or developing your brand and creating the artwork for your record.

With my partner I am offering label services, like Gema registration, Promotion and distribution of the record with our partner in-akustik.

If you like what you’ve read, don’t hesitate to give me a call to talk to me about your artistic vision, ask me further questions that I can make you an offer for a productive collaboration.


Follow the link to get more infos about our label.

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