8.4.2020 Lockdown Session coming soon!!!

Für den Sampler “Lockdown Sessions” habe ich einen neuen Song geschrieben und zusammen mit Krissy Matthews(Hamburg Blues Band) und Micha Maass aus Berlin  im “Homeoffice” eingespielt! Stay tuend!!!


“A remotely recorded double album that features many well-known blues musicians from both sides of the pond. The record will be released on Crosscut Records on May 15. This pandemic left a lot of musicians (included yours truly) struggling to keep food on the table and a roof on the head. All our gigs got suddenly canceled All the money from records sales will go to the musicians. A “Go Fund Me” campaign has been launched to help with production costs and provide the musicians involved with some immediate relief. PLEASE REPOST THIS!!! If any of you thru the years has enjoyed records and live performances by any of us, a donation could be a great way to say thanks”.



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